what is GLOPRO?



GLOPRO is the only superfood plant protein blend in the World of its kind! Providing you with essential plant-based  amino acids and minerals to fuel your athletic performance and help you maintain optimal health levels with a complete protein source. Also highly recommended for anyone wanting to remain in good health or transform their health, even heal from imbalances and diseases.

GLOPRO was designed by Registered Holistic Nutritionist Grace Van Berkum and WellPreneur Chris Prado. Both Grace and Chris are wellness pioneers in Nicaragua and promote a plant-based way of healing the body and the planet.  There is not exactly an easy way of buying or even shipping in superfood supplements to Nicaragua, so the two took it upon themselves to create a superfood blend using what was around them in nature. GLOPRO ingredients are sourced locally from Nicaraguan farmers. 

Grace Van Berkum

Chris Prado

What are people saying about GLOPRO?
"I recently completed my second retreat with Grace Van Berkum at GLO in beautiful Nicaragua! We started each day with delicious, energizing smoothies which kept us full for hours. I asked Grace which ingredients she used to make them only to learn that she & Chris had created their very own protein powder using a local seed as the protein source. How ingenious is that?!
I was eager to purchase a bag to bring home, continuing the health-boosting experience I had at GLO. I've been home for just a few days and have made smoothies for my family, including my husband & 8 year old. They both loved them! I am happy to be using a product that I can trust is healthy, made with great care, and is uplifting to the Nicaraguan farming community that I fell in love with. If you're thinking of trying it, GETCHU SOME! It will be the next big thing I promise."
-Jennifer Subero

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